Our Wish List

Supplies We Use Every Day

Pump hand sanitizer
Liquid soap
Sanitizing wipes
ReNusit room deodorizer
Paper towels
Toilet Paper
Paper plates
Plastic cups – 8 oz
Wasp spray
Cases of bottled water
Blue shop paper towels
55-gal trash bags
Tall kitchen garbage bags
Aluminum Foil
Ziploc bags: quart and gallon
Body bug spray
Gas gift cards
Long lighters
Copy paper

Things We Can Always Use

Work gloves
Jackets (gently used)
Paint brushes: 1-12 to 3”
Sweatpants (gently used) – Medium to 3XL size
Rain ponchos
Towels: hand and bath (need not be new) used to wipe off boat seats and other damp areas
Grill brushes and grill cleaner
Flashlights w/batteries                                      Lifejackets-PDF

Craft Items

Oval Chinet Plates                  

Paint pens                               

Craft liquid paint-primary colors


Spray Glitter                            

Fabric glue                                

Sport Art foam Shapes 

Sport Stickers                                               

Construction paper

Stock paper – any color

Brother Label Tape – Tze ¼ & ½ size

Educational Classes

Plastic Food



Black/Blue Ink Pens                                       

Large Spiral Pad to use on tripod   

Rubber Boots

We'd Love to Have...

Smart Board for learning center

Side by side all-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle

10′ Step Ladder

Bush Hog Mower

Skid Steer (track drive)

Accessible boats for Marj-El

Butterfly Nets


Accessible Kayak

Kayak Paddle