Volunteer Training Program

In everything we do, we believe in the value of every person and their ability to thrive.
Life Changing Opportunities with our Adult Volunteer Program!

What is the volunteer training program?

A curriculum to provide individuals with disabilities the chance to gain the skills needed to be a great volunteer in the community and progress to securing a community based volunteer and/or paid employment position.

It includes classroom instruction, combined with volunteer shadowing and activities to provide the trainees an opportunity to develop, practice and reflect on themselves and their skills.

Program Details:

Dates: May 25th – June 29th (6-week program)

Every Wednesday 10am-1pm at camp Learning Center & Lodge

Last week – VTP Graduation Ceremony & Cook Out (family & caregivers welcome to attend this date.


1. Introductions: Dress codes, social interaction & time management
2. Volunteering: Following directions, safety, working with peers & under authority, problem solving & working as a team member.
3. Reflection: Realizing and identifying strengths and weaknesses as well as working on areas in need of improvement.
4. Resources: Creating a portfolio and or completing a resume as well as networking to discover other volunteer or job opportunities in the community.

What Skills Can Be Gained?

• Punctuality
• Accountability
• Responsibility
• Knowing your strengths & weaknesses
• Professional relationships
• Networking
• Following Directions
• Professional appearance and conduct
• Team & Individual problem-solving

Step 1

Participate in Camp Big Sky's Volunteer Training Program
Volunteer at camp
Create a portfolio
Receive a volunteer certificate

Step 2

Utilize skills from programs to volunteer in local community
Add to your portfolio
Gain more experience

Step 3

Acquire experience to gain a job!
Earn income!


Executive Director:  Haven Kensinger
Email:  Exec@campbigsky.org  
Phone:  (309) 258-6002


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