Life Skills Education Program

 In everything we do, we believe in the value of every person and their ability to thrive.
Life Changing Opportunities with our Life Skills Education Program!

What is the Life Skills Education program?

A curriculum to coordinate and facilitate the teaching of important life skills to high school students with disabilities through participation in engaging outdoor and indoor activities.

Students will be taught life skills to increase knowledge and increase self-reliance and capacity for independent living in the community through participation in accessible outdoor activities at Camp Big Sky. Participant centered curricula will be developed, implemented and evaluated in collaboration with student’s home school, Camp Big Sky and the Special Education Association of Peoria County.

Camp Big Sky will provide:

• Safe access and supervision of students in outdoor activities.
• Access to all accommodations, equipment, materials and supplies required for all life skills education activities
• Provide paid and volunteer staff to assist program partners in the teaching of life skills during outdoor activities.
• Provide real world learning opportunities in a safe and least restrictive environment
• Coordinate and facilitate participation of special education professional expertise from local educators and the Special Education Association of Peoria County.
• Provide all outdoor activities and required equipment, supplies and materials at no cost to participants.

Camp Big Sky will provide:

Camp Big Sky will provide curriculum developed by Special Education Teachers and use local resources such as Ameren, Local Fire Departments, and Center for Prevention of Abuse (healthy relationships).

Lessons Include:
-What does weather tell us?
-Fire & Electrical Safety
-Good Plants, Harmful Plants
-Reptiles & Amphibians of Illinois
-Direction reading a map/compass
-Camping Basics/Safety
-Food Prep 
-First Aid
-Mammals of Illinois

What Skills can be Gained?

• Accountability for self and others
• Responsibilities
• Undeerstanding your strengths & weaknesses
• Relationships with others
• Following Directions
• Importance of Appearance and Conduct
• Team & Individual problem-solving
• Understanding the world around us

To Inquire or Register:

Executive Director:  Haven Kensinger
Phone:  (309) 258-6002

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