Duckworth Family-Overnight

Camp Big Sky

7 Family members overnight @ Lodge (Won Gift Certificate)  check in Steve/ check out Karla

Dez Crispin overnight

1 camper, 2 family members, 1 caregiver Wood Forest Cabin Amanda/Steve

GRIT: Wilderness Education & Eco Art

Experts say that it's grit that makes your child resilient!  Campers will be provided opportunities to experience independence under the wide- open Big Sky wilderness fun.  They will hike, learn […]

Volunteer Training Program

Session 6—June 29 10:00-10:15--Welcome, introductions, name tags, binders 10:15-11:15--Applications/resumes, review game, and the VTP certificate test 11:30-Cookout and celebration!!!


3 campers, 1 staff

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