When you donate to Camp Big Sky you join a team committed to providing a safe place where people of all ages and abilities enjoy the outdoors. Camp Big Sky reaches 2500 children and adults with disabilities each year from central Illinois and beyond; giving opportunities to live a life like any other.

Promise to Supporters

We are a credible organization with a great mission that makes a difference in the lives of people with disabilities and those who love and serve them. Your support makes all of the difference in continuing to provide opportunities to access, discover, learn and enjoy the outdoors, just like the rest of us.

Camp Big Sky does not receive any state or federal funds. We prefer instead to rely on ourselves and our loyal community partners to generate funds to cover operational expenses, making it possible for us to live our core value of providing all day services at no cost to our campers.

We generate over 38% of our budget through volunteer-driven special events and have worked hard to create a diverse and sustainable funding model that includes support from individuals, families, churches, service organizations, foundations, corporations, United Ways, human service agencies, as well as the Peoria County Care and Treatment Board and Knox County Mental Health Board.

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization which means that your contributions qualify as tax deductible donations.

Your Gift Supports

  • Campers to enjoy the outdoors in a safe, accessible and beautiful environment, sharing their new experiences with family and friends, creating wonderful memories that build healthy families.
  • Campers to learn important skill sets that will increase their chances of living independently and successfully transition into adulthood and their community after completing public education.
  • Campers to become engaged and contributing members of their communities through voluntary service to others, learning the importance of service above self.

As Nathan was preparing to leave he told us that our camp, “blew him away!” But what really impressed him the most was that in two days, not one person had asked him what was “wrong” with him. “For the first time in my life I fit in. I was just another fisherman.”

How You Can Help

You can help to support the mission of Camp Big Sky in a number of ways, including:

  • Sponsorships and/or participation in our special events (see events)
  • Purchasing raffle tickets for our annual special events
  • Donation of raffle prizes for our annual special events
  • Donation of equipment, building materials, and supplies (see wish list)
  • PayPal or credit card contributions from this page.
  • Financial contributions payable and mailed to:

    Camp Big Sky
    P.O. Box 56
    Farmington, IL 61531

Every Gift Matters: Type in the Amount You Would Like to Invest.


Thank you for your tax deductible donation, providing life changing opportunities to those we serve! 

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