A safe, accessible, beautiful but most importantly least restrictive environment where people of all ages and abilities can come together and thrive.

For your comfort...

Accessible Trailway

Our wheelchair accessible trail-way system, complete with hand rails, makes for easy access to all activities and accommodations throughout the camp.​

Floating Dock

Your own floating dock is available at the gazebo activity area and is home to some big catfish and bass!

Gazebo Activity Area

The gazebo activity area at Bruce's Lake provides a private retreat for smaller groups as well as a great place to read a good book or simply watch the world go by.

Accessible Picnic Tables

Picnic tables that allow everybody to socially integrate are very popular. No need to isolate anybody here!

ADA accessible Porta Potties

ADA accessible Porta Potties provide easy access to everybody and are cleaned every morning to maintain cleanliness and freshness.

Personal Care with Dignity​

Personal Care with respect and dignity or re positioning for wheelchair users is available in our privacy sheds which feature ramp access, a 4X6 ft. padded transfer table, and personal care supplies.